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Four Seekers Free


** PLEASE READ CAREFULLY **This is just a trial version of Four Seekers for you to know the game interface and experience the game itself. You can save your progress with this version, but when you upgrade or decided to get the Full version, your saved games on this version will not be playable to the Paid Version, as soon as you see the interface and gameplay, either you decide to purchase the full version or continue playing this version and upgrade later, but you have to restart all over again.
To get the full version:
The portal of Lucio is now opened, Gargoyles and other monsters are getting out to kill men, taking women and children as prisoners. Join Philip, Floyd, Zarie and Dwayne as they save their loved ones against Lucio, the King of Gargoyles.Game Features:
*20-30hrs of gameplay -- FULL VERSION ONLY*No ads or In-app purchases*Can play offline*Lots of Quests
Plugin Credits:YanflyGameusSasuke KANNAZUKI